Our Classes

Choose from our wide range of classes to suit all ages, skill levels and group sizes. 

Mums and Bubs

Designed for kids 5 and under, the lesson involves the parents pairing up with their children to teach them basic motor skills and tennis techniques. This improves the bonding between the parent and kids while providing the mothers with a chance to get back to sport gently.

Kids Group Lesson

Designed for kids 5 and over. Group lessons are great ways for kids to learn the sport while also meeting new friends. Cooperative games are frequently used to build teamwork. Competitive games will be introduced later to help kids understand how to deal with winning and losing.

Adult Group Lessons

Great for new players looking to develop tennis fundamentals and meet other players! It consists of max of 6 players per court. This enables the quality of learning for each individual student.


Designed for strong intermediate to advanced adult players, squads focus on rallying and game play to improve the player’s ability in real match situations. Physical training and tactical awareness will be priorities in squad.

Semi-Private Lessons

Great for siblings, friends or couples who want the quality of private lessons whilst sharing the cost.

Private Lessons

For people of any age who want to develop their skills quickly and achieve an in-depth understanding of the game. Private lessons will be customized to suit the individual player’s needs and schedule.


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